MyConsignor Website Instructions

New users

MyConsignor makes it faster and easier to enter items and allows you to transfer items from one sale to another (no retagging and organizing)
  • Create an account through our MyConsignor link. You will then be prompted to enter a Seller ID. You make up your seller ID which can be no longer then 6 characters.
  • ENTER ITEMS: enter new items under “Enter Items” (make sure Busy Bees Kidsignment is chosen), select a price, check whether you want to discount the item at our 50% off sale and if you want to donate it, enter the clothing size or ignore if not applicable, enter a brand name and description (try not to use capital letters), and lastly choose a category of your item.
  • PRINT TAGS: Make sure all tags are printed on white cardstock with a inkjet printer. Please choose high/best quality for printing. To choose which tags to generate: choose your selection in the checkbox column on the far left (once you generate your tags, the tag status will change to generated). You can choose to generate all your tags at once by selecting the highest number in the "show entries" section located at the top left. Generating your tags will make PDFs of all your tags so that you are able to print.
  • SETTLEMENTS: You can check what has sold during the sale under “View Settlement.” We will send out an email once all items are entered. (Note: At the end of the sale, we might not have all the items entered)
  • VOLUNTEERING: If you wish to volunteer, click “Volunteer,”  choose the time(s) you want to volunteer, and hit "select."
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Already registered with MyConsignor:

  • Log in in through our "Register Now" link and make sure that, in the top left, field you are registered for the Busy Bees Kidsignment sale.
  • If you are registered for more than one sale per season and accidentally enter your items in the wrong sale you will have to go to "Manage Inventory" and transfer those items to the Busy Bees Sale.
  • If you have previously entered items from a different sale that you want to sell at Busy Bees then go to "Manage Inventory" and transfer those items to the Busy Bee sale.
  • When transferring items you will want to verify that your seller number matches, your tags discount/donate option is correct and tags discription length is not too long.
  • To transfer your items under "Manage Inventory" choose "Item Transfers" and choose which sale you're transferring items from. Then, transfer to the Busy Bees Kidsignment sale, check all the items you want to transfer in the table, and select transfer now.
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